FIRST LEGO League Challenge


LEGO Robotics Competition Fun!

In FIRST LEGO League Challenge, teams of students ages 9 - 13 come together to design, build, and program a LEGO robot that competes in a robot game. 

The robot game is based on a theme that changes every year, which changes every year, bringing in new challenges for students to overcome!

Teams compete in qualifiers to score points and earn judged awards in hopes of competing at the next level.

The Missions

In FIRST LEGO League Challenge, students must go through a series of missions that their robot creations must be able to accomplish during the game time window.

Students can pick any missions they want to complete and choosing which ones is best for the team is a big part of FLL.

Innovation Time

Students in FLL also get to work on a Innovation Project. The innovation project allows students to construct a model that could solve a real world problem, using an assortment of materials.

The best innovation projects get judged to determine who gets to be the global innovation award winner. 


Students will run their LEGO robots at Qualifier events, attempting to complete any or all missions, in order to score points.

In addition to scoring points in the robot game, students must present their team, robot, and innovation project to a panel of judges. These presentations are how a team can earn judged awards.

At qualifier events, teams have the opportunity to advance further at bigger events such as state/regional events and the world championship! 

Our Teams

FLL RoboRaiders

The Tech Robotics Association currently houses two FIRST LEGO League Challenge teams, as part of our mission to provide FIRST programming to students who do not have access themselves.

Current Teams: