FIRST Tech Challenge


Sport Of The Mind!

In FIRST Tech Challenge, middle school and high school students design, build, and program a robot using a kit of parts to score points and earned judged awards at a robotics competition. 

The FTC robotics competition consists of a robot game that changes every year to represent the current season theme.

Through FIRST Tech Challenge, students get to learn all sorts of technical and soft skills that they will be able to take with them into the workforce and/or majors in college. 

The Game

In FIRST Tech Challenge, teams will drive their completed robots on a robot game field that contains a different assortment of tasks the robots must be able to perform.

The start also begins with an autonomous period where the robot must complete tasks using pre-programmed actions. 

The robot game is how teams earn ranking points to try to advance to the next level of competition. 

More Than Just The Robots

FTC students also can win different judged awards, each one celebrating a team's success in a area of the program.

These judged awards are based on many factors, including a team's engineering portfolio, performance in interviews, and on-site robot match observations.

These awards help determine which teams will advance to the next level of competition.

FTC Events

FTC starts at Kickoff in September, than teams will participate in scrimmages and league meets. At league meets, teams accumulate ranking points up until the league tournament where their final ranking determines placement for the playoff.

Teams at the league tournament will also be judged, with the top teams in the league advancing to the next levels of competition.  

Our Teams

FTC RoboRaiders

The Tech Robotics Association currently houses one FIRST Tech Challenge team, as part of our mission to provide FIRST programming to students who do not have access themselves.

Current Team: RoboRaiders Technicians

*The RoboRaiders Technicians is a new FIRST team that the Tech Robotics Association is working on after the great success of FLL Explore and Challenge.